Friday, 25 October 2019

Yesterday (Saturday) we arrived in Zaventem Airport, and walked to the bus, where we met 3 of the Belgian hosts. We also met 7 of the 8 Spanish people staying in Belgium for Erasmus. Senne, Kato and Kyara (the Belgian hosts we met) showed us around the city of Antwerp and we got Belgian waffles there. After sightseeing, we went shopping and later headed back to the bus. We drove to the Belgian hosts’ school , where I met my host family. We drove to their house in their car, and I gave them their gifts and played board games with them. They are all very nice.

Today (Sunday) I went to a museum with Marie, her friend Marie (Kate’s host), Marie’s mother and her friend. The museum had a lot of modern art and things that can only really be described as scary or “fears”. It was a bit creepy but very enjoyable. Kate loved it.

Today (Monday) I cycled to school with Marie, and met Kate and her student Marie on the way to cycle with them. We also cycled with a girl called Anna. At school, we presented our video and watched the Spanish and Italian presentations. We had a tour of the school and then we did a scavenger hunt around the city. We also went to the town hall and talked with the mayor of Sint Nikklaas. After school hours were over, we cooked boxty and colcannan in the kitchen and served it to the host families at a gathering at around half past six. We then went home, and Marie and I watched E.T.

Today (Tuesday) I taught my maths class, and the Spanish, Belgian and Italian students all taught their lessons too. The lesson went very well and the winners of bingo and kahoot got Tayto as a prize, and they liked it a lot. I also went to volleyball with Marie, Kate and Kato after school, which was great fun, and I won 1 out of 2 matches that I played. We then cycled home from volleyball and had pumpkin soup (we put cheese in it which I thought was very odd).

Today (Wednesday) We climbed up a big church tower, and then walked around the city for food and to shop a bit. We also went to Technopolis, which was such good fun, and we had to film a video explaining one of the science experiments in the museum. Our video went well. It was a good day.

Today (Thursday) We went to the Atomium, the House of European History, the European Parliament, and then we went shopping around Brussels. We were allowed to go around the square from around 3 to 7. I got presents for my whole family, and had a Belgian waffle too. When we met up at 7, we got the bus back to the library. I got everyone’s Instagram and said my last goodbyes to the Spanish, Belgians and Italians.

On monday, we gave a presentation for everybody about Belgium and our school. then we went to the town hall and received a tour and speech from the mayor. After we went to the town hall we did a math walk in Sint-Niklaas. And in the afternoon, saltarello played a few songs for us. Afterwards we ate our lunch at school and went to get ingredients at the supermarket for our diner. In the evening we made our dinner and all the host families came to taste what we made.
On Tuesday every country taught the others a bit of maths. We were done by noon and afterwards we had lunch at school. Then we made various things in tinkercad that we were able to 3D print. We also played a breakout on the computers which was a kind of escape room where we had to find a key to beat the game. And in the afternoon we had a big conversation with everyone and compared our countries and found differences in culture, education, and sports.
On Wednesday we went to Mechelen were we discovered technopolis in the morning where we were able to try out various experiments. Afterwards we had lunch in Mechelen. Then we climbed the Rombauts tower. And did another math walk.
On Thursday we went to the local market and then made our way to Brussels. First we went to the atomium. We went inside and had a nice view of Brussels at the top floor. Later on we went to the house of european history, which was a museum displaying the european union throughout the years. Then we went to the european parlement and got an explanation about europe and how it became what it is today. Then we had to do another math walk but also had a lot of free time untill we had to go back to Sint-Niklaas at 7pm.

Missing our irish friends.

This morning we had to say goodbye to our irish friends and we're already missing them so much.
We wish you a nice and calm friend and warm hugs.

Thursday 24: Brussels.

Thursday 24 was a day of fun, food, learning and discovering.

First we visited the atomium:

Then we all went to the House of European History and to the  European  Parliament:

When we finished the visit to the European Parliament (our last stop) teachers gave us free time to go discover the city and we all bought a lot of souvenirs and have so much fun hanging out with our new Italian, Irish and Belgians friends: 

To sum up, it was an amazing day that surprised all of us :).

I visited a lovely city called Brugge with my host family.
We had a good time here.

Here we were in the house of European history in Brussels

Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Tuesday 22 October 2019
Today we held a math lesson that we explained to each other. And then, after lunch, we fought between countries on real issues: climate change (also Greta Thunberg), typical sports and school differences.

Here we are studying for the math lesson
Tuesday, the 22nd of October 
On Tuesday, we began our morning by the Belgium’s teaching us maths but I wasn’t there for that as I went to an English class to talk about Ireland. When I came back the Spanish taught us about Second degree equations. Then the Italians taught us about the Hungarians Method and then we taught them about Graphing functions.
Afterwards, we used the 3D printer that the school have. It was very cool and interesting.
Later we had a discussion about the different countries.
Monday, the 21st of October
Monday was our first day inside of the school. We went to the city hall and we were given a tour and a speech from the city mayor. We went on a treasure hunt around Sint Nikklas. We went back to the school and watched a presentation from each school of what their towns/cities and schools were like. They were very interesting. We then started to cook our dishes for the parents and pupils of the school that were hosting us. We cooked boxty and calcannon which would be typical Irish known foods. We then presented it. It was a good night.

Sunday, 20th of October 
We got to spend Sunday with the family that is hosting us. I went to Gent with Benthe and we spent our day walking around for example I was the painting of the ‘Lamb of Gods’. We went to a restaurant and I got a Brussels waffle. It was very nice.
We went back to the house and relaxed for the evening.

Saturday, 19th of October
We arrived in the airport in the early morning and we were greeted kindly by of few of the Belgium and Spanish people. 
We got the bus to Antwerp and we found an Irish pub where my teacher, a few of my friends and I watched the Irish game against the all blacks. 
We walked around Antwerp for a while and we got the bus back to the school with the Italians 
We were then collected at the school by our hosts.
I spent my evening relaxing while watching a movie

Now it is real!

We are sharing time to know Sint-Niklaas (streets, parks, the town hall...), also students are meeting each others.
There are full activities during the day, and we close it cooking for families, teachers, students...

Thursday, 26 September 2019

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