Friday, 29 April 2022

 On Friday morning we did our blog and had a round table discussion. Afterwards, we went to Causey Farm and made soda bread in the cookhouse, we got to enjoy our bread with butter and jam later on.

We got to see and take part in ceili dancing and played the Bodhran. This was an unforgettable experience for everyone, in particular for our over seas visitor's seen as they got to understand the real irish culture and thrill.

Throughout our visit on the farm we got to meet all the different animals that stayed there. Causey is a working farm so they naturally have cows, pigs, chickens, sheep etc. but they also have other animals like alpacas, llamas and even a camel that we seen on the longer trail through the fields.

 At the end of our causey trip we were allowed go bog jumping, we got wet and filthy but it was definitely the best part of the day.

We returned home around 3;30 which gave us lots of time to shower of the bog and get ready for our party in park rí. In park ri we got a three coarse meal which definitely filled us up for dancing and karaoke which was a great end to the fabulous week we had.

26th April Tuesday

First thing on Tuesday morning we performed our musical for our Spanish and Belgian students. 

Then after break the Spanish and Belgian students taught their maths class to second year students while we prepared our class.

Then, after we had lunch we did a really fun ActionBound around Kells. We had to do tasks at different venues then we all ended up at the Tower of Lloyd at the end. 

Then after the action bound we went and got to watch some students perform Irish Dancing and music for us. 

Wednesday 27th of April

We started Wednesday morning by doing all the presentations of the lessons. we reflected on how each of them went and it was a great way to see what went well and what could be improved.

After the presentations, we got a bus up to Dublin. We got a tour of Croke park. We went into the dressing rooms where we saw the jerseys of every county team. After that we went to the stand. We saw how they refresh the grass after concerts and we learned about the history of bloody Sunday. Then we went into one of the corporate boxes. After the tour was over we went into the museum. They had different games there that can help you improve you're skills for games.

After Croke park, we went to Dublin castle. we got a tour of the castle where we learned all about the history of it. It was very interesting and a good experience.

To finish the day we went to Grafton street to get something to eat and do a bit of shopping. It was a great way to finish a really fun day full of learning about the history of Ireland.

Thursday April 28

Thursday, April 28

 On Thursday we started the day with an art class where everyone had to create a playground and include some specific things in them. We spent an hour making them and the winning team won Creme Eggs.

After this we had lunch and then we headed off to Trim Castle for our tour. In Trim we went around the castle and learned about its history and what it was used for.

Then after Trim Castle we had lunch in Trim and then we went to Slane Castle for an exclusive tour. We got to explore the rooms on the ground floor and learn about the history of the castle and everything the owners have done with it.

After Slane Castle we went to The Hill Of Tara and we got a tour of the historical sights on the hill. Then we just had some fun running around and playing frisbee in the sun before we headed home for the day.

Monday 25th of April


On Monday we presented our presentations introducing ourselves. The Spanish people taught us about Marbella and the Belgians taught the others some basic Dutch words. 

We did a tour of the school in groups and visited some of the classrooms. We also had an international breakfast and got to try new foods! We ate Spanish hotdogs and had some Belgian chocolates. 

We did team building exercises in the PE hall. We played some trust games and had a little competition. 

To finish our day at school we played a Gaelic match and practiced some hurling. After that we all went up to Parc Ri. Some Irish students went to visit family farms with their exchange student.

We welcomed our students from Belgium and Spain on Saturday evening, afterwards we shortly made our way down to Park Rí for food.

Sunday morning we made our way up to Tayto Park. We all loved the thrilling rides, like The Cú Chulainn which is one of Europe's largest wooden rollercoasters. All of us enjoyed the delicious food the park had on offer like the crispy chips and tasty burgers. 

Tayto Park is also home to many unique animals such as lemurs, birds of prey, otters and much more. We were able to see close up the birds in an exciting bird show and adorable lemur walk. A few of us went to the 5D cinema and enjoyed a short film about really interesting dinosaur escape.


Friday, 25 March 2022

Sunday trip to Ronda



 On Sunday 20th of March we visited Ronda. When we arrived we started off by doing an Actionbound. We walked around the city and saw all the monuments. We saw the waterfall under the bridge. We tasted yemas of Ronda, they were nice! 

We took a group photo before we started our Actionbound ☺

We went to a typical spanish restaurant and we ate lots of different spanish foods like spanish omelette, homemade croquettes, little shripms omelettes and spice potatoe, they were so good:) 

     This is spanish omelette and ensaladilla rusa 😋

Saturday, 19 March

 Saturday, 19 March


The Belgian students had to wake up at 2:40 AM for their flight at 6:15 AM to Malaga Airport. They arrived in Marbella at 9:30 AM and met their host families at the school. 

Then they went on a small tour around Marbella and had breakfast. They tried some Churros.

They had lunch down at the beach after that. They had traditional Spanish food for lunch. After lunch the Irish students arrived in Marbella and everyone met at the school to introduce themselves. Then we all went to the park, Constitución. We all went home and had dinner with the host families later on. After dinner all the students met at Alameda to go down to the beach together. We all went to the beach and listened to music for a while. Then we went home to rest for the night because we were going to Ronda on Sunday.



Tuesday, 22 March 2022

 Tuesday in Granada.

On Tuesday we went to Granada, 

We visited the Alhambra which is a very famous and beautiful monument in Granada, it was built in the 13th century.

It is one of the most famous monuments of Islamic architecture and one of the best preserved palaces of the historic Islamic world, in addition to containing notable examples of Spanish Renaissance architecture.

We did a scavenger hunt on action bound. During the scavenger hunt we had to search for symmetrical mosaics and take pictures of them in our groups.

We had to come up with creative ways to pose infront of the mosaics in order to win more points. The pink team won and their prize was sweets. It was fun!

Then we split into two groups and went to the city centre to have lunch. We all had a wonderful meal.

When we finished lunch we went for a walk and explored the city centre .

Luckily the weather was nice and it did not rain. It was a great day and everyone had lots of fun. :)

Thursday 24th March

 In the early morning:

We started our day by evaluating our lessons we thaught to the younger years, we discussed what we thought went well and what couldve done better.

After this more students who attend Pablo Del Saz came to the classroom and showed us robotics they have been practicing throughout the school year. We were shown the basics of coding and how to link it to certain devices which further then reacted to certain movements and or sounds.

During The Afternoon 

We walked to the town hall to get a tour and met some of the staff. The guide thaught us about the rich history of the building and the very old traditions and events that took place there that brought Marbella where it is today

We all took a bus to Malaga and did an action bound around the city to help us see all the sights and learn about some of the history. The weather impacted our day as a storm from the Sahara Desert blew in and turned the clouds into orange colour. Every once and a while it would rain raindrops full of sand. Most people in the group have never seen this before so it was very beautiful and exciting to see as most people dont have this in their countries.